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March 9, 2021

Sitefinity: The perfect CMS for Marketing Teams

The content we publish with our audience is crucial in creating brand image and getting customers. The days of writing HTML are behind us and choosing a suitable and simple CMS can be the key to successful marketing actions.

The possibilities that give us a good CMS are very varied and can be adapted to a corporate website, a blog, an eCommerce platform, an online course site… The list continues, and this decision can be crucial in the future of our business.

Before going into detail about the features offered by Sitefinity and its advantages for marketing teams, we need to know what a CMS is.

What is a CMS?

CMS stands for “Content Management System”, a tool to manage all our content on a website.

A CMS is a software whose objective is to allow users to manage and administrate the contents of a website in a simple way and without having programming knowledge. But we must not forget that, in advance, this website must be developed based on the CMS most appropriate for the type of website we want.

These tools help users to create a website, either in blog format or a more complex way, through templates and a simplified visual format, leaving aside the traditional way of coding a page, which requires knowledge in HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript and other programming languages.

What characteristics should a CMS have?

Depending on what type of business we have and the content we want to share, we will choose one CMS or another, but there are several features that everyone must have in common so that we can create a website that is effective, save us costs in money and time and enable us to achieve our goal.

Resource and content management

It may seem obvious and essential, and it is. Our CMS should include all possible tools for editing, organizing, reviewing, scheduling, and publishing content, both textual and visual.

User profiles

It is unlikely that only one person will manage a website, so it is very important to create roles in accordance with the responsibilities they will play: authors, editors or administrators. Our manager must allow us to manage this variety and delimit or assign the functions of each one from the administration and management interface.

Dynamic and intuitive editor

We cannot launch the content and forget to give it an attractive structure for the reader. We must stress that reading is fluid and easy so that it gets where we want it. That is why it is so important that the manager allows us to order all the elements as we want.

Content categorization

A website can be more complex than another and offer more or less information, but it is always crucial that each section is accessed quickly, and everything is well located. Hence the CMS must include categorization options to facilitate the visualization of what interests us.

Customizable visual design

The design of a website is crucial when a potential customer chooses us or “runs away”. It should offer templates and themes that allow us to reach the style we want to communicate and represent us without having the need to go to a professional designer.

Fast and low resource consumption

It is inevitable that a website will use part of the resources of the server in which we are hosting it for its execution. However, consumption should interfere as little as possible with overall performance and prevent negative user experience.

Technical support

At any time, a problem can arise and, not being developers, this can be made even bigger if we do not have the support of technical support that can give us a solution in the shortest possible time and does not affect our users.

What features should a CMS have for marketing?

Now that we know the basics of a CMS, we need to know how to distinguish a good one from the best and most suitable for marketing strategies.

SEO tools

A CMS should not only serve to upload content that is later reflected on the web, but it should also serve to create new engaging content, such as infographics, videos or novel blog content, guiding you towards SEO optimization and readability.

Custom themes and templates

Another point to keep in mind is that our website must talk about us, and we don’t just mean words. The web is the reflection of our company and has to represent us, so it is so important that the CMS we use allows us to customize interfaces that communicate in the tone and colors of our brand. Hence the themes and default templates are dynamic and easy to customize.

Plugins and Widgets

If we want our website to reflect our professionalism and quality difference with respect to the competition, we must have the possibility to implement plugins and widgets that allow us to use optimization tools  in search engines to position ourselves in the first positions.

How to choose a CMS for marketing?

To choose the CMS that best suits our needs, we need to ask ourselves several questions that help us to position ourselves where we are and where we want to go:

  • What is the purpose of my content?
  • Can you integrate with SEO tools?
  • Can I link to social media?
  • Web analytics data doesn’t give you enough results? Does Google Analytics have built-in analytics?
  • Does the platform meet my business requests?
  • What actions are having more engagement?
  • Is the user interface friendly to marketing professionals?
  • Does it allow me to get the best result from my campaigns?
  • Does it offer security and flexibility?
  • Is it a local solution or does it allow me to host it in the cloud?
  • Does the cost fit my budget?
  • Do you offer technical support if I need it?

When we have answers to these questions, it is time to decide which CMS is the one that best suits our requests and allows us to fulfill our KPIs, whatever they may be: maximize leads, increase visits or sales, improve our branding, etc.

Why choose Sitefinity?

The answer to all these questions is in Sitefinity, the ideal CMS for marketing teams. And we explain here why.

As a marketing professional, you need to communicate with the right customers, at the right time and through the right channel. With Sitefinity CMS, you can identify the key points of your audience, customize your content to specific users, and then measure the results from the same platform. In addition, you will be able to maintain and promote the relationship with your clients through mailing campaigns and subscribers.

Its strengths are:


Today, companies need to target different audiences and ensure that visitors to their website receive information that is appropriate to the type of audience and that is at the right time. Since we cannot provide generic relevant information, customization allows us to engage in a more personalized and relevant conversation with customers, providing them with data that is useful to them.

Sitefinity lets you create custom versions of each page, customize default widgets, segment visitors, preview the experience, customize the presentation …

A/B Test

Optimizing the digital experience and making marketing decisions based on solid data are key phrases to get our visitors to do what we expect (specific downloads, forms, newsletter subscription…). To prevent our marketing strategy from being based on assumptions and not knowledge, Sitefinity allows you to do A/B tests to do experiments varying our original website and measure the impact.

These variations are displayed to visitors at random according to the traffic distribution that is established and for a specific time. Experiments can be done with any part of the web, which allows us to statistical analysis of the effect of change and decide what is best for us.

Email campaigns

Email marketing is fundamental to engaging customers. Sitefinity Offers 6 Main Features: Eye-catching Visual Design Tools, A/B Tests to Ensure Success, Marketing Campaign Effectiveness Meter, Email Delivery Scheduler, Signup Forms, Subscriber Lists.

With these features, we can create engaging custom content for each individual recipient, monitor interactions and identify the version that ensures success, have rich visual reports that assess the effectiveness of each campaign, schedule campaign submission in the best time slot, quickly create signup forms and effortlessly connect them to a mailing list, import existing subscribers…


The platform offers the option of using the Sitefinity CMS Analytics module to track your website traffic, as well as checking the effectiveness of marketing.

The module has reports and indicators that give us statistics of visits, visitors, the way they interact, how they get there, the content visited …

In short, with Progress Sitefinity you benefit from technological innovation, innovative marketing techniques and an attractive and simple interface that allows us to meet our commercial and marketing objectives.


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