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December 15, 2020

Reference Sitefinity Partners | Plain Concepts

What does it mean to be a Sitefinity Partner?

Being named as Sitefinity Partner is a certification received by companies that are experts in this market-leading CMS, and that stand out for their skills in matters such as design, development, optimization and solution of problems of Sitefinity applications.

Thanks to being partners of Progress Sitefinity, we offer our clients the best tools to manage web content and online experiences, ecommerce, custom websites, multi-channel management…

Sitefinity Partner Program

Of the more than 2,000 partners and more than 6 million users that the platform has, we are the only Spanish company with Sitefinity Partner certification. This, added to our years of experience with the tool and in web development, makes us leaders in the use of Sitefinity with clients.

At Plain Concepts we are proud that several of our employees are certified experts in Sitefinity Web Content Management and Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud Platform. In addition, we have received the title of Titanium Partners, the highest category to which you can aspire, above Gold and Silver.

As partners of Titanium Sitefinity, we have demonstrated our advanced technical expertise in the development, customization, consultation and content management of websites.

Benefits of being a Sitefinity Partner

Companies certified as Sitefinity Partner, access endless benefits such as exclusive access to tools and utilities of the platform, such as the following:

  • Marketing tools and software
  • Qualification and ongoing training of new functionalities
  • Sales account management to answer all your technical, sales, and business-related questions you need
  • Incentive programmes
  • Specialization in specific areas

Sitefinity Partner Specialties

As we told you above, there are three levels on the Sitefinity Partner scale: Silver, Gold and Titanium. However, this is not the only thing, as there is also the possibility of specialising in specific market areas. At Plain Concepts we are experts in providing innovative digital solutions to our clients and positioning ourselves as specialists means a new dimension of the Progress Accelerate Partner Program.

These specialties offer greater benefits, such as prioritised ranking in searches, access to exclusive events, the special partner badge or access to technical support, among others.


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