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Magic Cam

Customize the video and audio for your video calls in one click

With Magic Cam, you can personalize the video and audio during your video calls by choosing amongst several filters, geared towards both business meetings and calls with your friends.

Completely free and cross-platform, this application allows you to enhance your video calls thanks to different filters and effects designed to improve your online experience during business meetings, presentations, and online events.

Now you can eliminate ambient noises such as construction work, children’s screams, phone calls, or any unexpected sound that interrupts your business meetings. Also, you could add a card with your company logo, name, and job title for your speeches, presentations, and events.  In addition, you can choose amongst a variety of voice and image filters and effects to add a touch of humor to your video calls.

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Compatible with Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Hangouts and many more

Customize your video calls easily and intuitively

Remove ambient noise

Modify your voice

Use the most popular Instagram filters

Completely free and without registration

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This application is completely free and does not require registration.

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