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Sidra Data Platform

Accelerate the implementation of your enterprise Data Lake

Sidra Data Platform is an Azure Data Lake solution that allows companies to manage and exploit their data in a wide variety of use cases; from analytical applications to AI and Machine Learning scenarios. Sidra has been implemented in more than a dozen clients and is aimed at large and medium-sized companies that are undertaking a digital transformation process.

Sidra Data Platform is the corporate Data Lake solution developed by Plain Concepts for data intake, cataloguing, governance and management in Azure, focused on simplifying the development of a wide variety of business use cases, ranging from analytical applications to AI and Machine Learning scenarios. Sidra aims to respond to the current and future needs of a company, becoming a main pillar of its data strategy. Built on Azure PaaS tools, Sidra is an automated and customizable platform based on Databricks. It offers you multi-region data storage, an integrated data catalogue service, data lineage control, auditing and centralized notifications. All of these functionalities, as well as a comprehensive set of extensibility APIs, can help you address the data protection regulation challenges under the GDPR, as well as any industry-specific regulations.

Sidra provides the common foundation, shared services and governance of data on which organizations build their specific use cases; from analytical applications based on SQL Server and Power BI, scenarios of exploratory analysis and generation of machine learning models using Databricks and MLFlow, to web or mobile applications. All integrated with Data Lake and using the same libraries and accelerators.

Why use Sidra Data Platform?

Full deployment

In less than 24 hours and automated data intake.


Adaptable to each scenario through a growing list of services (Data Catalogue, Master Data, etc.)


Customers from a variety of industries already trust Sidra to help them manage their data.

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Use Sidra to define your data strategy


Centralize all your data on the same platform


Develop, evaluate and implement business use cases quickly and consistently


Benefit from its governance capabilities throughout the data lifecycle

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