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Access to device connectivity and discover new business scenarios

The expansion of the digital ecosystem is taking on a new meaning with the incorporation of the Internet of Things. Beyond smart devices, IoT is changing business models across industries by allowing companies to tap into the possibilities offered by the cloud and incorporate solutions adapted to their environment.

Access a global and detailed vision of your business in real time, boost your operational efficiency and discover new business models to add value to your products with our IoT services.

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Learn how to manage both company-owned and user-chosen devices and improve your management capabilities

IoT Solutions

We design, customize and implement IoT solutions to help companies capture and transform their data into high-value information.

Thanks to our extensive experience in a wide range of technologies and our positioning as a reference partner in cloud services, we promote all kinds of projects that help companies maximize the impact of IoT on their businesses and reduce time to market.

Cloud Services

The role of cloud services is crucial for the correct connection, management and interference of data from all types of devices that make up the IoT.

At Plain Concepts, we are certified as a Microsoft Gold Provider Cloud Platform company, what proves our specialization in the migration and management of all types of databases. No matter the sector or the size of your company, we have the tools and the team of experts needed to successfully carry out your IoT project.

Cloud Computing

Big Data

Smart objects and networks of connected devices generate large volumes of all kinds of data.

The capabilities of Big Data is what drives the transformation of all these data sets into relevant information. At Plain Concepts, Microsoft Gold Provider Data Analytics, we have a large team specialized in the collection, management and processing of data.

Big Data

Artificial Intelligence

The Internet of Things powers the exponential generation of data under all kinds of formats and patterns. A volume of information that can only be processed with the help of computers and automated tasks.

Our solutions based on Artificial Intelligence add a new dimension to this data, creating relationships between databases and allowing your teams to be increasingly accurate automatically.

Artificial Intelligence

Augmented Reality

Immersive experiences play a crucial role within the Internet of things. Having the capacity to merge the physical and digital worlds means enriching the environment with relevant information that helps to make the right decisions.

Wave Engine, our multiplatform graphics engine, is specifically designed to cover the needs of the industrial sector, helping companies to adopt and create solutions based on Augmented Reality.

Immersive technology

Industry 4.0 has come to transform your business. Discover the greatest industrial revolution!

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