Artificial Intelligence

Add a new dimension to your data

Artificial Intelligence brings together a large number of technologies that provide machines with the ability to understand, analyze, and learn, turning them into tools capable of automating and improving processes autonomously.

Plain Concepts, Microsoft Partner on AI, specializes in the creation of new data relationships through the use of heterogeneous information sources, which combined with our developments of Artificial Intelligence exponentially increase the production capacities of both machines and human teams.

We help you face the digital revolution with the AI-based solutions that best suits your company requirements.

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Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning

The great advances in the field of neural networks and the development of all kinds of deep learning algorithms, together with the current computing capabilities and the arrival of Big Data, allow us to design all kinds of applications and customized solutions.

Thanks to Machine Learning, we develop solutions capable of improving themselves in every interaction or process execution.

Computer Vision

Our machine vision developments allow machines to mimic our vision capabilities so they can capture, process, analyze and understand images.

We develop Deep Learning models using tools such as Tensorflow and PyTorch with the aim of generating all kinds of visualizations that allow the equipment to automatically detect objects, images, faces, etc.

Natural Language Processing

We develop solutions ready to process our natural language automatically.

This translates into equipment capable of understanding all types of documents, becoming a powerful aid when analyzing opinions, detecting topics of interest, extracting specific words or phrases, classifying documents and much more.

Cognitive Services

Cognitive Services allow us to incorporate the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence into all types of solutions: Voice, Vision, Knowledge, Language, etc.

Thus we can create customized solutions for you to interact with your customers around the world through instant translation systems, boost security through facial recognition and leverage cost savings through document cataloguing and transcription.