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October 27, 2020

All about Sitefinity | CMS

If you have ever considered creating a website, a blog, an ecommerce or you are planning to make the digital leap with your company, it is very important that you choose the right content manager you are going to work with. In addition, due to the pandemic caused by COVID-19, giving your business online visibility could radically change your project. If all this is more than familiar to you, keep reading because we have news for you.

Today we want to talk about Sitefinity, a platform that offers tools to manage web content and digital experience, digital commerce, website customization, multi-channel management… From Plain Concepts we have wide experience that has positioned us as experts in the development of all types of websites, from custom projects and created from scratch to the optimization of all types of CMS, among which Sitefinity stands out.

What is Sitefinity?

Sitefinity is a market leader CMS that allows you to create websites easily and simply, as well as enhance self-service marketing. This is a big plus, as it allows you to reduce your reliance on IT to make the changes you need.

This platform is hosted on Microsoft Azure, by Progress, and allows users to create and manage their content in the cloud. You can generate custom designs, add widgets, edit texts and images, manage your sites in several languages, improve the SEO of your website…

This CMS puts special emphasis on marketing through the digital experience, increasing conversions and generating more leads with, for example, form templates that capture contact profiles from landing pages and downloads. It also studies customer behavior patterns, performs A/B testing to aid decision making, focuses on user experience (UX) and helps manage web security, such as GDPR compliance. This translates into a reduction in operating costs, allowing you to save time and resources in the development of your technology.

How does Sitefinity work?

As we mentioned before, Sitefinity is presented as a simple and easy to use platform that achieves great results in a cost-effective way. It has an intuitive interface, with inexhaustible possibilities of content editing, as well as savings in marketing costs.

Its functionalities are as follows:

  • User-friendly content management.
  • Create designs with drag and drop system.
  • Management of digital assets and editing tools (images, graphics, PDF files, text, video and audio files).
  • Powerful and fluid user interface for managing website labels, categories and taxonomy.
  • Create forms using drag and drop tools without programming.
  • Optimizing the web to make it accessible and improve SEO.
  • Centralized multi-site, multi-lingual and multi-channel management.
  • Content customization and campaign optimization according to your audience.
  • Content approval and workflows through updates notifications.

User experience

With Sitefinity you can focus on the UX (User Experience) thanks to 4 key points: content management, multi-channel management, customization and digital commerce.

Nowadays, it’s becoming more and more difficult to manage our content for multiple digital channels, compounded by the difficulty of reaching the desired audience or the right device. This need to create or update content quickly and effectively is met thanks to the features offered by the platform such as online editing, content customization, SEO tools, configuration of forms with sending these directly into your CRM and marketing automation systems.

Each customer demands a few requests and has a few needs, but it is now possible to satisfy the requests of each one with a single interface that delivers your content across all channels and devices. The benefits are clear: enhanced interaction and visibility, minimized workload by controlling everything from an interface, significant increase in ROI, generation and management of content where and when you want. In addition, from the development point of view, distribution is prioritized through native APIs and REST, presents a decoupled architecture thanks to the separation of the Frontend from the Backend, Fronted flexibility for shorter marketing time and higher performance, extensibility and marketing automation, etc.

With this platform, you will be able to provide personalized experiences and omnichannel to your customers, adapting the message, segmenting the audience thanks to receiving rich data and intelligent information with detailed analytical reports on metrics and key objectives, which will allow you to achieve the commercial KPIs.

There is also the possibility to take a step further, as Sitefinity allows you to offer catalogs, multiple showcases, specific promotions and payment processing so that your customers receive an experience at another level.

Key pillars

CMS headless.

Content reaches any type of device thanks to the API and the platform’s modern and efficient UX.

Flexible API.

Facilitates the extensibility of the manager.

Support for Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP).

Content is faster and easier to consume.

Visual Studio Support.

Increases developer productivity with Sitefinity VSIX.

Compatibility with ASP.NET MVC.

Allows you to create clean, modern and fast websites using this Microsoft support.

Comprehensive security.

The privacy of your customers and your business will no longer be a concern.

Sitefinity Certification

If you want to become an expert, there is the possibility of obtaining the “Foundations of Sitefinity Development” certification, which is part of the “Progress Partner Enablement Program” and represents the first level of technical certification for Progress Sitefinity.

This title gives you a special “Sitefinity Certified Developer” badge and a personal certificate. It is achieved through a post-course examination of “Fundamentals of Sitefinity Development” and has a validity of 2 years. The test measures the ability to understand how you can design, develop, optimize, and troubleshoot Sitefinity applications.

In Plain Concepts we can boast that we have several certified employees and experts in Sitefinity, in addition to having the title of Titanium Partners, the highest designation that can be aspired to, above Gold and Silver. This designation unlocks access to unique tools, marketing programs and resources, allowing us to excel in the industry and offer the client the solutions that best suit their needs.


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