Smart city

Smart Cities: Creating smart, safe and sustainable spaces

Modern cities continue to grow at a dizzying pace, with figures already reaching 55% of the world’s population living in urban areas. With this expected to increase by 13% by 2050, the global challenge facing today’s cities is to provide a place where social, economic, social, and environmental benefits are of higher quality and sustainable.

Expanding infrastructure poses new requirements, such as improving public safety, addressing environmental and traffic issues, reducing costs, and improving economic competitiveness. Smart cities are no longer just a dream of the future. Thanks to advances in IoT, AI, Big Data, or Digital Twins, municipal governments have realized the great potential of these technological solutions to address these challenges.

The future of our planet depends on the health of our cities. Therefore, from Plain Concepts, we offer smart city solutions to create safer, sustainable, and people-centered communities.

Benefits of smart cities
Improving public safety
Intelligent cameras and sensors can detect accidents or incidents, and the appropriate people can be immediately alerted.
security camera
More efficient services
Through automation, better services can be offered, and trends can be predicted more quickly, such as seeing when an item needs to be replaced if it has run out or anticipating possible future problems.
medicine and tech
Improving sustainability
Technology helps to understand the environment to reduce environmental impact, manage climate change and move towards a sustainable future for all.
More effective mobility
Smart cities can regulate the timing of traffic lights or redirect traffic to improve urban mobility and automatically suggest faster alternative routes to travelers.
Promotes social development
Improved identification of the needs of the city and its citizens is facilitated and optimal planning of complimentary services.
smart city social
Full availability
A smart city operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, promoting self-sufficiency, faster problem solving, and population growth.
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Smart city

How we do it? | Stories that inspire

eolic energy

Energy and environment: Building a better tomorrow


We have developed a 3D simulation showing how the Parc Tramuntana wind farm project, located on the coasts and landscapes of the Costa Brava, would be integrated. The objective of this project has been to assess the feasibility of the project and the landscape impact.

Our viewer provides this 100% realistic visualization of the impact, based on mathematical calculations, without any external interest influencing the result. This is a future-oriented project that promotes sustainability and the study of the environment before the upturn of climate change:

  • Measurement: to know the size of the generators, we obtain the angular measurement, which is determined by the distance of the generator and the measurement of the target.
  • Position: We obtain the distance at which the windmills should be placed, the angle, and the exact position of their GPS coordinates.

Infrastructure and Construction: Designing the Cities of the Future


To address the tremendous urban planning challenge we face, we have developed a cloud-hosted digital tool capable of designing, comparing, and evaluating multiple scenarios of entire urban residential districts while integrating environmental and socio-economic functional indicators.

  • Standardization and integration of urban and architectural design processes.
  • Design of affordable housing and its overall systems in urban districts.
  • Economic plan and KPIs for cost estimation and calculation of all functional factors.
  • Improved design and management processes for city extensions.
smart city
cameras surveillance

Safety and security

Control your installations in real-time

The UN predicts that, by 2050, smart video surveillance will be a fundamental and everyday part of our lives, bringing benefits such as optimizing security, streamlining ground traffic, and detecting crime. It is, therefore, crucial to have a quality service to manage this powerful tool.

We have developed a solution that allows connecting more than 400,000 video surveillance cameras of users and small businesses, which means an improvement in the management processes of the different devices, improving efficiency, and optimizing costs:

  • Access to cameras from an APP and a website.
  • Sending of intelligent alarms.
  • Control through AI the people who access a home.
  • Configuration of smarter alerts that are only triggered when there is an actual incident.

Supporting technologies: We go where others can’t

We create developments that include Spot, the most advanced quadruped robot from Boston Dynamics in the global market.

Its features that provide the opportunity to offer cutting-edge solutions yield results such as: 

  • Creation of digital twins that enable real-time construction monitoring and capture of laser scans.
  • Use of an API to combine aerial and terrestrial data capture thanks to 360º videos.
  • Automation of thousands of weekly images to document construction, streamlining the process and saving work hours.
  • Autonomous navigation in outdoor environments.
  • Visual and thermal inspections in high voltage installations, leak detection, and infrared imaging.
  • Radiation detection and mapping in overly unsafe areas. 
robot spot
retail brand

Retail and brands: How to predict demand and improve the experience

We help our clients create and enhance their digital vision, including design, implementation, and operations. We improve business decisions and increase sales by analyzing millions of user data in real-time.

In the case of the Retail sector, the power of a company’s growth lies in data, and we develop several solutions to make this tangible:

  • Stock forecasting and tracking so you can react quickly to orders and sell faster.
  • Mobile payments, with reduced waiting time, easy integration, and compatibility with any device.
  • Customer insight and tailored promotion thanks to information collected on shopping behavior.
  • Improved store management with performance monitoring and accurate real-time business decisions.
  • Enriched customer service with detection and localization of problems with goods/services sold, protection, assistance…