Parc Tramuntana: 3D Viewer To See The Future Impact of a Wind Park

Parc Tramuntana is a floating offshore wind energy project, designed to be built in the Empordà, with the goal of addressing the challenge of climate change in the most sustainable way possible.

It is an unprecedented energy, environmental and economic opportunity, whose results will translate into: guaranteeing the supply of clean and Km0 energy; reduction of the carbon footprint, the use of fossil fuels and water pollution; generation of jobs; recovery of marine ecosystems and their biodiversity.

SENER and BlueFloat Energy
Wave Engine
The Parc Tramuntana project is led by SENER and BlueFloat Energy, world leaders in the energy sector, and they needed to assess the feasibility of the project and its landscape impact. That is why they turned to Plain Concepts to develop a 3D simulation to show how the project would be integrated into the coasts and landscapes of the Costa Brava.


At a time when we are surrounded by disinformation or fake news, it was crucial to realistically and objectively assess how this project would affect the environment, without external assessments or other subjective interests.
Therefore, the challenge was to create a viewer that would provide a true picture and help people understand the visual impact of the project.
visor cala montgo
cap creus visor


We developed a 3D simulator that shows how these windmills would look like in different areas of the Costa Brava, assessing 3 crucial points: position, measurement and distance.
To obtain the position, we combine two easily recognisable reference points on a map and with a simple trigonometric operation, we obtain the distance at which we find the windmills, as well as the angle and exact position of their GPS coordinates. As for the measure of the generators, we obtain the angular, which expresses the measure in degrees of the object and is determined by the distance of the generator and the measure of the object. Finally, the distance. Because they are large distances, the generators are gradually falling behind the horizon, so we take into account their height and distance, from which we obtain the distance to the horizon and the hidden area.


We are facing the greatest environmental challenge in history, and the transition to decarbonisation and carbon emissions reduction is essential to maintain the quality of life of the world's population. To achieve this change it is necessary to triple the renewable energy capacity, as it is the best alternative to improve energy efficiency, and achieve the goals of 85% renewable electricity generation by 2050.

The Parc Tramuntana project is positioned as this sustainable energy alternative, located in a new location such as the sea. It is totally respectful to fishing and nautical activity, in addition to being an economic dynamizer in the area, as it will generate thousands of jobs and 45% of the area's electricity demand.

However, when facing an initiative with this visual impact in a natural area, many opinions agintst it may arise. That is why the viewer created by Plain Concepts is so important, as it provides a 100% realistic visualisation of the impact, based on mathematical calculations, without any external interest influencing the result. We make sure to show the truth as it is, offering the possibility to explore each real location.