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May 11, 2021

Augmented Reality Solutions for the Business Industry

Sectors such as Industry, Energy, Construction, Healthcare, Retail, or Logistics are seeing as augmented Reality has become their great ally in growing and simplifying processes.

Unlimited cloud computing applications, combined with increasingly perceptive devices in the Intelligent Edge, are opening the door to new paths for businesses. And among all the devices, the Hololens 2, Microsoft’s virtual reality glasses offer the most comfortable and immersive mixed reality experience available and whose potential is already being exploited in the transformation of business processes in many industries.

Hololens 2 Partner

With Hololens 2 and Microsoft Dynamics 365 business applications, you get results based on reliability, security, and scalability. These competitive advantages are seen in the short term and are supported by Artificial Intelligence and Mixed Reality. Companies achieve, among others: speed up the training process of their workers, improve and automate the operations of the repair request, guide the operators with virtual assistants, optimize the arrest of breakdowns, reduce travel costs or assistance…

Panel electrico Plain Concepts

Dynamics 365 Remote Assist

One of the most revolutionary options offered by Hololens 2 is to have a remote assistant. This function facilitates collaboration between the users involved through live video calls.

The tool allows sharing generated annotations in augmented Reality, in high resolution and in real-time, where the expert can help solve any problem in remote, without moving to the place of the incidence.


Another advantage of this function is that it allows having hands free to perform the necessary tasks. Just worry about following the expert’s instructions where and when we need it.

Omitting unnecessary travel results in a considerable cost reduction and minimization of possible delays thanks to remote controls.

Electrical Panel

Based on Dynamics 365 Remote Assist, in Plain Concepts, we have created a virtual guide that allows non-specialized operators to perform maintenance tasks on an electrical panel. It is, therefore, a straightforward application of the use of Augmented Reality in the business environment and Industry 4.0.

Panel electrico realidad virtual

Thanks to this development, it is possible to solve real-time problems without having an expert on the side to guide us or solve them by himself. This collaborative work can be done with a “virtual transfer”, and we only have to place the Hololens 2 and follow the instructions.

The Microsoft viewer has full access to the schematics and technical documents of the machinery in front of us to give us the corresponding instructions to begin the intervention. We receive these guidelines in an audiovisual format because we listen to them and see them with holographic projections on our panel. They manifest themselves in the form of arrows, lights, or hands that show us how we should proceed—and always, being supervised throughout the process by the expert, who can guide us through indications at all times.

Benefits of using Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality

The above is just one of the benefits you get from joining AI and Augmented Reality, but there are many more:

  • Speed up the process of training the people of the company, regardless of their background.
  • Guide the operator with virtual assistants for more effective results.
  • Improve and automate processes.
  • Optimize anomaly arrest.
  • Reduce staff travel costs and access to support.

From Plain Concepts and thanks to our Research team, we are constantly working on blurring the boundaries between the real and digital world, providing innovative and efficient solutions to optimize all types of processes, getting case studies of Virtual Reality like this. Shall we talk?

Elena Canorea
Elena Canorea
Content & Copywriter

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