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Evergine, the ultimate graphics engine for industrial solutions, has arrived

We are immersed in a revolution called Industry 4.0. A moment in which companies are changing their business models towards others where the importance of data and connectivity is a priority. This is why mixed reality has taken the lead in technologies that help the manufacturing, retail, and healthcare sectors get the most out of their processes.

At Plain Concepts, we saw the potential of this technology almost a decade ago and decided to create Wave Engine. This project started as a great challenge and has led us to develop incredible solutions. Since then, the world and its needs have changed a lot, so we set ourselves the mission of creating a new graphics engine based on the C# language to bring the latest advances in computer graphics to the industrial sector.

We’re going to make it possible for companies to update or create products with 3D content more efficiently than ever before and deliver it across a wide range of devices and platforms. We’re ready to take Wave Engine to the next level, and that’s why today we’re introducing to you: Evergine.

Evergine graphics engine

Evergine is easy to integrate into desktop applications and websites but, at the same time, gives you access to the latest advances in graphics technologies such as RTX from Nvidia. This allows you to create new renders in your applications based on raytracing technology and be the first to have an industrial solution based on this fantastic technology.

And finally, we are helping companies create new virtual reality and mixed reality solutions to find new natural ways of working that improve productivity in their internal processes.

Evergine Features

In this first version of Evergine, we find new and incredible features such as:

  • Net 6.0 LTS and C# 10 support
  • New documentation website
  • Raytracing support on DirectX 12 and Vulkan
  • New Package system to create addons
  • Debugging support on WASM Web platform
  • New entity prefabs
  • Post-processing graph tool in Evergine Studio

We release all these features within the new Evergine Editor, Launcher, and nuget packages that can be used entirely free of charge by all companies of any sector, without limitation to integrate this technology in commercial products.


If you want to know more about our graphics engine and start building high-quality 3D and 2D solutions, visit the Evergine website. Download the application for free, learn how to use it with our video tutorials, and discover all its functionalities, applications, and success stories by industry.

In addition, if you need priority support, we will accompany you, both in the development of your projects or products and in their maintenance to ensure their success. Our team will be available to solve any incident or doubt. Just ask us. Shall we start creating together?

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