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November 4, 2019

WaveEngine 3.0 Preview 2

New features

We’re excited to announce the release of WaveEngine second preview. In this new preview, the whole engine uses .NET Core 3.0, so all WaveEngine libraries are .Net Standard 2.0 and new project templates are .NET Core 3.0. You can just get .NET Core by simply upgrading to Visual Studio 2019 16.3.

Furthermore, you can now run your WaveEngine projects with VulkanDirectX12 or OpenGL/ES graphical backends. In the new WaveEngine launcher, you can choose your favorite backend to work.

How to upgrade existing projects

You can start upgrading an existing project to WaveEngine 3.0 Preview 2 today. Here, we show some useful steps to do so.

1. Modified WaveEngine asset descriptors

Asset descriptors have a small change between Preview 1 and Preview 2 that you must fix before launching the editor with your project. Platform enum has changed its Unsupported value for Undefined value, so you need to modify all your asset descriptors inside your Content directory. Using your favorite text editor (Notepad++, Sublime…) replace “Unsupported” string for “Undefined”.

2. Update new Launcher

Launch the WaveEngine launcher to download the new preview 2. After that, you need to close and reopen the launcher for the changes to take effect.

Next Preview

We are working hard in the preview 3 to provide you new project templates that we hope you can use soon:

  • Linux using Vulkan backend
  • Mac using Metal backend
  • Android using Vulkan or OpenGLES backend
  • IOS using Metal backend

In addition, we are working to integrate Physically Based Material (PBR) as new WaveEngine Standard Material and new photometric lights and cameras that will improve render quality. Also, we are working on a new Forward render pipeline that improves the performance of our current Light Pre-Pass render pipeline (LPP).

Jorge Cantón
Plain Concepts Research

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