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March 23, 2021

Plain Concepts leads the market for Data Analytics and AI integrators

The processing and analysis of data has become one of the key resources for the evolution of all types of companies, causing that the specialization of those companies dedicated to the integration of Data Analytics solutions has not stopped increasing exponentially.

From Plain Concepts we are proud to see how Penteo, leader in independent IT consulting, and with a great knowledge of the local market, has placed us at the forefront of those companies dedicated to the development of data and analytics solutions.

Since its arrival in the Spanish market, Plain Concepts has positioned itself as an expert supplier and this is demonstrated by the level of complexity of the projects they have developed. It is important to highlight the modularity and wide level of functionality of its Sidra tool where efforts are focused in terms of innovation and increased functionality

Market Trends | Data Analytics & AI 2021

The study named “Market Trends – Data Analytics & AI 2021” is based on the analysis of 4 dimensions: capacities, projection, performance and quality, all subject to the assessment of 10 factors formed by 35 indicators and more than 125 related aspects.

The dimensions evaluated have been carried out under the following criteria:

Capacities: Turnover, alliances and collaborations, assets, structure and qualification of the technical team.

Services: Depth of the solutions portfolio, scope of services, ability to influence business sectors, variety of projects and methodologies.

Projection: Supplier trajectory in the last 3 years focused on the innovation of solutions both at the company level and service line, immediate roadmap and recognition as a cloud provider.

Quality: Evaluation focused on the satisfaction and achievement of objectives set directly by the company’s customers, delivery capacity, flexibility, cost/time deviation and ratio value – price.

“The technical complexity of their reference projects shows that they are one of the most relevant players thanks to their high level of expertise, the expertise that their employees bring together and the capabilities and benefits that their tools offer, highlighting the versatility of Sidra”

Sidra Data Platform

Along with the high business and development capabilities in all types of sectors, and the outstanding number of team certifications among which more than 10 Microsoft MVPs stand out, the study reinforces the positioning of our Sidra Data Platform solution.

Our enterprise Data Lake solution for ingestion, cataloging, governance and data management in Azure, is focused on simplifying the development of a wide variety of business use cases, ranging from analytics applications to AI and Machine Learning scenarios.

The objective of Sidra is to respond to the current and future needs of the company, becoming a main pillar of its data strategy.

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