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October 26, 2021

Plain Concepts becomes a Boston Dynamics partner

We have recently seen the industrial robot Spot from Boston Dynamics dancing, singing and even walking around cities as unexpected as León (Spain). And now, at Plain Concepts we continue to bet on innovation by revolutionizing sectors such as industrial maintenance.

This is why we have joined Boston Dynamics to develop the technology that is going to allow their robot dog Spot to perform industrial tasks which require Artificial Intelligence or its management through the Microsoft HoloLens 2.

With the aim of becoming a global reference in the development of industrial solutions on the Boston Dynamics robotic platform, we will develop solutions which use Mixed Reality or Artificial Intelligence to increase Spot’s basic functionalities, such as its integration with the Microsoft HoloLens 2, the autonomous holographic device that will improve the robot’s usability.

What Are Spot’s Functionalities?

Spot is a skilled industrial robot that moves on the ground with a unique and never seen before mobility. It can move through space where no other robot can, which enables it to automate routine inspection and capture data very accurately.

One of the features that we want to enhance in this robot is the one that occurs when performing inspection tasks in the most dangerous areas of any infrastructure. For this, we will work on different solutions with Mixed Reality and Artificial Intelligence.

In addition, we are going to develop the application Holo-Robot with Wave Engine, our very own 3D graphic engine. This will provide the industrial sector with a tool that enables gestural telecontrol of quadruped robots to accelerate the digitalization and modernization of the sector towards the new paradigm of Industry 4.0.

By using Mixed Reality technologies, this application will create a new and disruptive way of human-machine interaction, allowing Spot to be remotely operated by several users simultaneously using HoloLens 2 devices.

What Sector Is It Designed For?

The multiple features that Spot has made the robot useful for many sectors. For example, in some countries it has already been used as an assistant for police and firefighters, performing surveillance tasks or as a safety inspector in factories.

However, its characteristics make it the perfect tool for the industrial sector. Spot can detect, inspect and collect data in spaces such as factories, warehouses or energy facilities using its sensors, camera and its advanced mapping system. For this reason, at Plain Concepts we put special focus on sectors such as construction, industrial, energy, oil and gas or nuclear.

Spot Boston Dynamics

What Are Spot’s Applications and Use Cases?

One of the main applications for Spot is data collection during inspection tasks. The robot provides support for visual or thermal inspections and data collection in hazardous environments such as high voltage installations or high-pressure steam pipes, covering areas that are usually unreachable by humans.

Another use case would be the scanning and mapping of radiation levels. Spot is also capable of monitoring seismic activity or detecting hazardous gases before and after an explosion.

Finally, in the construction sector, the robot is capable of inspection the progress of construction sites, mapping new project facilities, creating digital twins, and comparing construction conditions with BIM information modeling.

How Does Spot Work?

The Boston Dynamics robot dog is an autonomous and intelligent device with a hughe field of vision.

Different devices can be added to the robot to help it complete the functionalities to be developed in the industrial field. One of them is its arms, which are equipped to perform everyday gestures such as opening doors, picking up, placing, pushing or dragging objects while being able to adapt them to new situations by pressing a button or sliding a screen.

In addition, the robot moves itself autonomously, can carry loads of up to 14 kilograms and reach 1.6 meters per second, it’s water and dust resistant, and it can withstand temperatures ranging from – 20º to 45ºC.

If you want to know more, I recommend the post by my colleague Javier Cantón in which he tells our first steps with the Boston Dynamics Spot robot.

María Soto
María Soto
Marketing Team Lead

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