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June 17, 2020

Microsoft Gold Partner. Everything about the MSFT certification for companies

What does it mean to be Microsoft Gold Partner?

The Microsoft Gold Partner certification is a recognition to those companies that have demonstrated through their trajectory, capacities, clients, and development of solutions, to become reference partners for Microsoft in one or several areas.

At Plain Concepts, we are delighted to have a large number of these certifications, but especially to have built a relationship of trust and collaboration with Microsoft, which allows us to be one of their most exclusive partners, collaborating hand in hand in the realization of events such as the MSFT Build or the MSFT Inspire, as well as in the collaborative development of all types of solutions and technological advances.

Microsoft Gold Partner Companies

Companies certified as Microsoft Gold Partners have access to a series of benefits such as exclusive access to manufacturer’s tools and utilities, as well as continuous training programs that allow their professionals to continue leading the development of new innovative solutions based on Microsoft technology.

At Plain Concepts, with offices in Spain, USA, UK, Germany, Netherlands, and the USA, we have a close relationship with Microsoft, which led us to be awarded as Partner of the Year by Microsoft, be the first partner to develop solutions with HoloLens 2 or become the organizers of the DotNet, the largest .NET event in Spain.

Microsoft Gold Partner Certifications

Microsoft Gold Partner certifications accredit a company’s experience and expertise in a specific Microsoft technology. There are Gold and Silver Partner competencies for the following categories:

  • Applications and Infrastructures

  • Business Applications

  • Data and Artificial Intelligence

  • Security and Modern Workplace

Some of the certifications obtained by Plain Concepts as a Microsoft partner are…

Gold Application Development

Gold Cloud Platform

Gold Cloud Productivity

Gold Collaboration & Content

Gold Data Analytics

Gold Datacenter

Gold DevOps

Silver Data Platform

Silver Messaging

Silver Security

Silver Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions

What is a Microsoft MVP?

The Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) certification recognizes those professionals who have demonstrated expertise in one or more Microsoft technologies and who have shared high-value technical knowledge with the developer community through lectures, events, articles, etc.

This recognition must be renewed annually and is the way Microsoft rewards all those experts who strive to help the community continue to grow and share all kinds of knowledge.

At Plain Concepts, we are proud to be the European partner with the highest number of MVPs, but especially because we know that there are still more colleagues who are able to obtain this recognition. Our Knowledge section is a clear example of the talent and the high capacity that our extraordinary team has to organize events and share knowledge.

You can visit our knowledge section and enjoy all the contents and resources for free and without registration. ?

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