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June 15, 2021

We have received the Kubernetes on Microsoft’s Azure Advanced Certification

From Plain Concepts, we are delighted to announce that after the Analytics on Microsoft Azure Advanced Specialization certification, we now add the Kubernetes on Microsoft Azure Advanced Specialization certification.

Kubernetes on Microsoft Azure Advanced Specialization

Kubernetes on Microsoft Azure Advanced Specialization is a certification that rewards the experience in all types of projects and the deep knowledge of a company when developing solutions based on the use of containers and the management of environments of Kubernetes in Azure.

To obtain such certification, we have needed to accredit both the success of projects in clients from different industries and the knowledge of our development teams and pass a third-party audit in which practices related to the implementation and management of workload in Azure via containers were analyzed.

By 2022, 75% of global businesses are expected to run applications using containers.

Aware of the great utility of Azure Kubernetes Services to accelerate application configuration, in Plain Concepts, we continue to work to maintain our position as a reference partner when developing stable and scalable software with the maximum possible efficiency, to help our partners to accelerate containerization, enhance scalability and optimize Kubernetes management.

Don’t hesitate to visit our Knowledge section to find some high-value talks about everything you can do with AKS.


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