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August 3, 2021

Plain Concepts wins the Advanced Specialization in Adoption and Change Management

The last few months have been packed with great news in the form of certifications and awards. And today we’re adding one more to the list because Plain Concepts has just been received the Adoption and Change Management Advanced Specialization. This certification recognizes our expertise in helping our customers transform their businesses through the best collaboration and productivity tools such as those offered by Microsoft 365.

Adoption and Change Management Advanced Specialization

Adoption and Change Management Advanced Specialization is a certification that rewards partners who have demonstrated in-depth knowledge, extensive experience, and proven success in Microsoft 365 adoption and organizational change.

Customers are 6 times more likely to meet or exceed their business goals when they have effective change management, so it’s critical for their partners to assist them in that process to increase the flow of change en deliver more value.

This advanced management specialization provides partners with a Gold Cloud productivity competency, with the goal of advancing and differentiating their organizations, as well as demonstrating their capabilities, and building stronger connections with customers.

“The development of Adoption and Change Management services (ACM) services enables partners to tap into a $9.5 billion market for change management related to Microsoft technologies, growing at 7% annually, and to drive customer success and lifetime value”.

To obtain this certification we’ve had to demonstrate: have an active Gold Cloud productivity competency, have a minimum of 2 experts who have passed the Microsoft Adoption Service specialist assessment, provide references from at least 3 customers, demonstrate the ability to drive business change through the adoption and services of Microsoft 365 technologies, achieve a minimum of 10,000 monthly growth assets within SharePoint, Teams or Yammer in a 12-month period.

As for us, we will continue to work very hard to ensure that our customers achieve their desired benefits and organizational objectives. 

Finally, feel free to visit our Resources section to find some interesting sessions on various topics, including Microsoft 365.

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