Xamarin.Forms 5


47 minutes

Are you ready? Come see what all is new and available in Xamarin.Forms 5 including App Themes (Dark Mode), Brushes, CarouselView, RadioButton, Shapes and Paths, and SwipeView. We also have updates for Shell and several other features, many of which were added by contributions. It’s never been easier to create beautiful, feature-rich, performant cross-platform applications with .NET, and it’s only going to get better.


David Ortinau

Principal Program Manager at Microsoft

David is a Principal Program Manager on the .NET team at Microsoft, focused on Xamarin.Forms. A .NET developer since 2002, and versed in a range of programming languages, David has developed web, environmental, and mobile experiences for a wide variety of industries.

After several successes with tech startups and running his own software company, David joined Microsoft to follow his passion: crafting tools that help developers create better app experiences.

When not at a computer or with his family, David is exploring trails through the woods.


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