Olia Gavrysh

What’s new in .NET Desktop


Duration 35 minutes

In this session you’ll hear about new features becoming available for WPF and WinForms applications, get tips on how to migrate your existing desktop applications to the latest .NET platform – .NET 6 and learn about new offerings from Microsoft in the desktop area.


Olia Gavrysh

Olia Gavrysh

Senior Program Manager at Microsoft

Olia Gavrysh is a program manager on the .NET team at Microsoft. She focuses on desktop developer tools. With the latest version of .NET Core a big part of her work centers around porting to .NET Core experience. Olia has a background in software development and machine learning.

Before becoming a PM, she spent 10 years writing .NET applications. When she joined Microsoft, she worked on the .NET Framework for Machine Learning called ML.NET. She’s a frequent speaker at international developer conferences and a contributor to .NET Blog.

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