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Pair Programming: The force awakens

Have you ever heard of pair programming? Find out everything you need to know about this development technique in this session. By popular request, we have launched this #VirtualCoffee on the technique of software development Pair Programming. With this session, we will understand what it is, how it can be carried out and the benefits of incorporating it into our daily lives.


Duration 60 minutes

During this session we’ll talk about…

  • What is Pair Programming?
  • Pair Programming styles
  • The (numerous) benefits of Pair Programming
  • The (dangerous) dangers of Pair Programming
  • Pair Programming in the recruitment process
  • Conclusions (hopefully with the ark found, the force awakened, the Adventure of Height lived or with the demonstration made that the union makes the force).


ander conal

Ander Conal

Software Developer at Plain Concepts.

My name is Ander Conal and when I’m not working, you’ll most likely find me boxing, walking with my 2 dogs and the rest of my family, playing a little Switch, or dusting off the vinyl from my time as an event promoter and DJ. As a software developer, I have just helped a Movistar distribution company create websites for freelancers and SMEs, helped a young startup reach a million orders in London and contributed to the development of an application that gained the support of the Y Combinator as a Remote Frontend Developer, working with a team distributed between New York, Morocco, Kuwait, Sweden, and Spain. Currently, I work at Plain Concepts Bilbao where, in addition to programming, I give talks and training and, when necessary, I wear the suit of an agile coach.


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