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How to embed ethical, explainable, diverse and inclusive AI in AI ecosystem


21 minutes

As computers behave more like humans, how will they impact real people?

The development and deployment of AI must be guided by the creation of an ethical framework. There are six core principles that should guide the workaround AI. Four core principles of fairness, reliability & safety, privacy & security, and inclusiveness underpinned by two foundational principles of transparency and accountability.

These six principles are necessary but not sufficient and they do not answer every question. One big question that we have been pondering is whether we might see a Hippocratic oath for coders, similar to the Hippocratic oath that doctors take that says that first, they will ‘do no harm’ – The Future Computed. Ultimately, this discussion around ethics and codes of practice looks at how we as a society can stay true to timeless values in developing and delivering this new technology.

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Angela Kim

IAPA Top 10 Analytics Leaders 2020

Angela Kim, Head of Analytics and AI at Teacher’s Health and Women in AI APAC Ambassador and the head of Education. Angela is an AI Professional specialized in Ethics, Explainability, Diversity & Inclusion in AI and recipient of Top 10 Analytics Leaders 2020 from the Institute of Analytics Professional Australia (IAPA) and also sits on the Founding Editorial Board of Springer’s new & timely AI and Ethics Journal. Angela kicked off AI programs for young girls with Macquarie Group, Insurance Australia Group, DXT technology, Microsoft, and Salesforce to provide AI outreach programs for high schools and also Technology Literacy programs for USYD, UNSW, UTS, and Macquarie University Business female students for 100 Girls 100 Futures project. In 2018, Angela and her team won the Data Science & AI National Industry Innovation Awards for “Best Industry Application of AI for AI & Data-driven Underwriting Engine” through ANZ Wealth (Zurich Insurance) & the University of Technology of Sydney collaboration. Angela is the co-founder of start-up promoting Diversity and Inclusion in technology, which is part of the WaiACCELERATE program based in the Netherlands She is also a co-author of AI for Gender Equality research collaboration between Women in AI and Vinnova Swedish Innovation agency.

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