9h to 17h ( 2 days)

Docker & Kubernetes Intensiv-Schulung

After the success of the editions held in Spain, Netherlands and the United Kingdom, we finally arrived in Germany to hold the Docker & Kubernetes Workshop.

In this intensive two-day workshop led by Edu Tomás (Microsoft MVP) we will explore multiple ways to understand how to deploy other workloads in Kubernetes, how to scale them and how to monitor them.

In addition, you will learn some specific AKS integrations with Azure infrastructure.

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What will we see?

  • Scaling applications
    • HPA
    • VPA
    • Cluster Autoscaler
  • Stateful apps (Daemon Sets)
  • Kubernetes Jobs
  • Interacting with the scheduler
    • Taints / Tolerations / Node Selectors
  • AKS virtual nodes
  • AKS and vNET integrations
    • Private Load Balancer
    • Private-only AKS
  • AKS Debugging with Devspaces
  • Windows containers
  • Secret Management with AKS & Keyvault
    • Flex Vol
    • Secretless secret management using Pod Identity
  • Monitoring
    • Using LogAnalytics + Container Insights
    • Using Prometheus


eduar tomas

Eduard Tomás

Development Team Lead at Plain Concepts & Microsoft MVP Developer Technologies

I’m a computer engineer from the days when Silicon Graphics was cool, so I’ve been in this world for a few years now… I’ve been in all kinds of projects and technologies, mostly Microsoft, although lately I have my head in the cloud and in that of the containers.

I have been recognized as Microsoft MVP for the last 8 years and I work at Plain Concepts as the Principal Tech Lead in the sunny Barcelona office.

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