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June 9, 2021

DotNet 2021 is here!

On June 22 comes the fourth edition of the DotNet 2021, the most important technical event of the developer community worldwide. This year comes full of news from the hand of the best professionals, more interactive than ever and with many surprises. Keep reading, and we’ll tell you everything!

DotNet 2021 | Online Tech Conference

You were asking us, and it’s here. DotNet 2021, the technology event .Net, Front, IA, Augmented Reality, and collaboration tools most important of Europe will be on June 22.

The DotNet 2021 will be the fourth one organized by Plain Concepts and will again be, for the second consecutive year, 100% online and free. Distributed in 5 tracks and more than 20 talks, we will talk about the secrets of the most leading technologies of the moment at the hand of significant national and international speakers.

In addition, this year will be more interactive than ever, as we will have virtual rooms, private sessions, one-to-one, virtual stands… In the DotNet 2020 edition, we managed to gather more than 2,200 attendees and spectacular talks that you can see again here.

Don’t wait any longer!

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Speakers and talks

The full agenda is now available. What a Tremendous line-up of speakers we have. Our sincere thanks to each one of them.

  • Scott Hunter | Director of Program Management at Microsoft Keynote 
  • Maddy Leger | Program Manager for Visual Studio Mobile Dev Tools at Microsoft“What’s new with .NET MAUI”
  • Glenn Condron | Senior Program Manager .Net & VS at Microsoft“.NET 6 Cloud Native”
  • Verónica Bas | Data & AI Cloud Solutions Architect at Microsoft and Juan Carlos Martínez | Customer Engineer at Microsoft “SQL Azure Hyperscale. Or how Microsoft breaks the boundaries of SQL in the cloud”
  • Unai Zorrilla | Developer Team Lead at Plain Concepts“Debug and Diagnose .NET Core Apps”
  • Olia Gavrysh | Senior Program Manager at Microsoft“What’s new in .NET Desktop”
  • Asun Sánchez | Software Development Engineer at Plain Concepts and Iván Reinoso | Fronted Technical Lead at Plain Concepts“Losing the fear of Testing e2e with Cypress”
  • Hugo Biarge | Software Development Engineer at Plain Concepts“A review of SPA application authentication”
  • Luis Ruiz Pavón | Development Lead at Plain Concepts“Clean architecture in ASP.NET Core applications”
  • Elena Salcedo | Software Developer at Intelequia“Building a Bot on .NET: TrackSeries, what serie do I see?”
  • Juan Ramírez García | Software Engineer at Plain Concepts y Luis Fraile | DevOps Consultant at Plain Concepts“.NET Core + GitHub + Azure DevOps, the combination to master your life cycle”
  • Eduard Tomàs | Technical Lead at Plain Concepts“Kubernetes API Gateway – Ingress already has his Zumosol’s cousin”
  • Daniela Solis | AI Team Lead at Plain Concepts y Rodrigo Cabello | AI Technical Lead at Plain Concepts   – “Model Serving: A bridge between Data Scientists and Engineers”
  • Carlos Landeras | General Manager at Plain Concepts“Introduction to Native (Ahead of Time) Compilation in DotNet”
  • Kendra Havens | Program Manager at Microsoft“Pump up your .NET Productivity with Visual Studio”
  • Dennis Mulder | Chief Technology Officer at Microsoft Países Bajos“Cloud Adoption in organizations”
  • Maria Naggaga Nakanwagi | Senior Program Manager .Net & VS at Microsoft“Minimal APIs in .NET 6”
  • Carlos Bastos | Software Development Manager at Orange“Hexagonal architecture with Typescript in web APIs with Nodejs”
  • Daniel Cáceres | Technical Lead at Plain Concepts – “.NET 6: One more jump in performance”
  • Carlos Mendible | Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft“Event-driven Microservices with Dapr and .NET”
  • Ramón Vázquez Toro | Cloud d Solutions & IT Team Lead at Plain Concepts e Iván González | Madrid General Manager at Plain Concepts“Living in the Edge”


How will the event take place?

The event will take place 100% online. A few days before the event, you will receive a link to your email to connect to the talks of your interest. You just need a good internet connection, and that’s it!

In which language will the event take place?

The event will take place mainly in Spanish, although we will have an exclusive track in English with international speakers. This means that during the entire event, there’s always going to be a talk in English happening!

How can I contact the event organizer if I have any questions?

If you have any other questions about the event, please contact us at

Spoiler alert!

As you know, this edition of the Dotnet inevitably moves away from that day in which, in person, we all gathered in the same place and for a few hours became the epicenter of the entire .Net community in Spain. But we will not settle for a series of online sessions, no matter how valuable they may be. Digital events do not have to be all the same, and here are a couple of clues that show that the Dotnet 2021 will not be just another digital event.

Virtual Stage

Every great event has a Keynote. And we all dream of starting with a great Keynote. In the case of the Dotnet, we will have Scott Hunter (!) who will also offer his talk using the Plain Concepts solution developed for Microsoft Build, the Virtual Stage: an application that leverages the power of Azure Kinect and the latest advances in AI to generate immersive virtual scenarios.

But yes, already, the event is not just a Keynote so we couldn’t stop there…

Welcome to DotNet

For this edition, we have continued fighting to make the experience as immersive as possible, and that the fact of having to make a virtual event did not completely eliminate all those things that we love about face-to-face events, so we advance below some new features:

Virtual exhibitors; We all like to gossip the stands and the fact of jumping to the digital format does not have to prevent it. In the Dotnet our sponsors will have virtual stands that you can visit whenever you want and in which, yes, indeed, interesting prizes will still be raffled.

Group chats, real-time questions, live voting; ask, talk, participate in all kinds of voting, etc. We don’t want you to sit and watch the presentations, we want you to be able to participate in the event as much as possible and in this edition you will discover a lot of ways to do it.

Networking and 1 to 1 meetings; This is one of our favorite parts of organizing events. The alternative mini-events that are generated spontaneously among attendees to comment, discuss or just chat in a smaller group. This year you will be able to access small virtual rooms to have an aside with those attendees you want.

WaveEngine meets the web

WaveEngine, our graphics engine focused on the generation of augmented reality solutions for the business sector, is constantly evolving. And DotNet is once again an excellent opportunity to showcase many of these advances. A small (tiny) example can be found in the DotNet 2021 Home. Wave Engine has leaped to web environments, opening a range of new possibilities for visualization or graphical representations in industrial environments.

All this is achieved by keeping the same .NET code developed to make our applications for traditional platforms (desktop or mobile, for example), and thanks to a light integration layer, it is possible to interoperate with any Web framework that a company may need.

This is possible thanks to .NET 5 and its new compiler called “dotnet-wasm” with the ability to compile C# code directly to WASM to run in web browsers. Microsoft is pushing this technology as the heart of Blazor and we can leverage this to run WaveEngine on the web platform using dotnet-wasm, emscripten, and WebGL/WebGPU. It’s something we’ve been dreaming about for years and now it’s possible.


Still have doubts? Get your ticket for DotNet 2021 and enjoy the biggest .Net event.


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