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September 21, 2020

DotNet 2020 is here!

DotNet 2020 | Online Tech Conference

The most important tech event for the software development community is back in its first online and charitable format!

The third edition of the DotNet organized by Plain Concepts will take place next October 21st in a 100% online format.

After being forced to cancel the face-to-face edition of the event due to the health emergency, we are back with more strength than ever to offer you the best content as you have never done before.

During the day you can enjoy several presentations on .NET, Artificial Intelligence, Azure, Xamarin, and Augmented Reality, with the help of major national and international speakers. And the best part? You can now watch it from anywhere.

REGISTRATION IS OPEN – Get your ticket here!

Why should you attend?

  • 5 tracks
  • +20 talks
  • +40 speakers
  • 1 international track

Get your ticket & make a difference

In this edition, we wanted to focus on sharing knowledge with the community and facilitating the access to the talks, while at the same time helping those most affected in these difficult times.

For this reason, the registration to the event is completely free. However, at the time of registration, you have the option to do so by donating an amount of your choice which will go entirely to the organization’s World Central Kitchen.

world central kitchen logo

The work of the World Central Kitchen

Founded by celebrity chef José AndrésWorld Central Kitchen (WCK) is a non-profit organization that uses the power of food to strengthen communities in times of crisis.

To help combat the COVID-19 crisis, World Central Kitchen is working to activate thousands of restaurants and kitchens around the world to fight hunger while combating the economic crisis: paying local restaurants to cook for the most vulnerable communities, thus keeping restaurants open and employees with a job.

In Spain, they launched the #ChefsForSpain, in which local chefs who have had to close their restaurants due to the pandemic are working to provide food to the most affected cities, neighborhoods, and communities.

Confirmed speakers and talks

We’ll have the full agenda very soon. But for now, here are the confirmed speakers and talks at the moment. .For the moment, we leave you with the speakers and talks that we have confirmed. We also advise you to follow us through the DotNet 2020 website or Twitter to keep up to date with all the news.

  • Scott HanselmanPartner Program Manager at Microsoft – DotNet 2020 Keynote
  • Rachel AppelDeveloper Advocate at JetBrains – “Build Awesome AF Apps!”
  • Cecil PhillipCloud Developer Advocate at Microsoft – “Distributed Messaging Patterns”
  • Carlos Recuero, Senior Software Developer at Plain Concepts & Luis Ruiz Pavón, Development Lead at Plain Concepts & MVP in Visual Studio – “ASP.NET Core Best Practices”
  • Javier Suárez RuizSenior Software Engineer at Microsoft – “Creando controles para Xamarin.Forms”
  • Daniela Solís, Artificial Intelligence Team Lead at Plain Concepts & Sara San Luís, AI Software Development Engineer at Plain Concepts – “En busca de una AI inclusiva”
  • Glenn CondronSenior Program Manager .NET & VS at Microsoft – “Getting Started with Tye to build Microservices”
  • Noelle SilverHead of Instruction, Data Science, Analytics and Full Stack Web Development at HackerU – “How to Get Started in AI and Machine Learning”
  • José Ángel FernándezJorge Valenzuela JímenezCloud Solutions Architects at Microsoft – “Living in the hybrid side: desarrollo de soluciones con Azure Arc para tus entornos”
  • Verónica BasIsabel DelgadoData & AI Cloud Solution Architects at Microsoft – “The new Analytics era: Combina DWH, Big Data y ML y tendrás el cóctel perfecto para tus mejores fiestas del Dato!”
  • Ryan NowakPrincipal Software Engineer at Microsoft – “Unlock your Superpowers: Understanding Cloud Application Models”
  • Josué YerayCTO & Co-Founder at DevsDNA – “Xamarin Forms con ReactiveUI y Reactive Extensions”
  • David OrtinauPrincipal Program Manager at Microsoft – “Xamarin.Forms 5”
  • Maddy LegerProgram Manager for Visual Studio Mobile Dev Tools en Microsoft – “Boosting your Xamarin development productivity”
  • Carlos LanderasSoftware Development Team Lead at Plain Concepts & Microsoft MVP en Developer Technologies – “Smart scaling of event-driven applications in Azure Kubernetes”
  • Olga Martí RodríguezDelivery Lead at Plain Concepts & Microsoft MVP en Office Development – “Extensibilidad en Microsoft Teams”
  • Guenda SciancaleporeCloud Solutions Architect en Microsoft“ML.NET: How to use .NET to implement machine learning!”
  • Alexander González, AI Software Engineer at Plain Concepts & MVP en Artificial Intelligence & Rodrigo Cabello, AI Technical Lead en Plain Concepts & MVP en Artificial Intelligence“Rocket your Machine Learning models to the edge with C#”


How will the event take place?

The event will take place 100% online. A few days before the event you will receive a link to your email to connect to the talks of your interest. You just need a good internet connection and that’s it!

In which language will the event take place?

The event will take place mainly in Spanish, although we will have an exclusive track in English with international speakers. This means that during the entire event there’s always going to be a talk in English happening!

How can I contact the event organizer if I have any questions?

If you have any other questions about the event, please contact us at

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