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July 6, 2021

We are Microsoft Gold Cloud Platform

Plain Concepts continues to add achievements and demonstrate that our team is made up of the best professionals, so we offer our clients robust and scalable architectures that improve productivity, scalability, reduce costs and ensure security.

As a leader in the technology market and Microsoft services, we continue to accumulate Gold Partner certifications, and our extensive experience and expertise in Azure services translates into Gold Cloud Platform recognition.

What does it mean to be a Microsoft Partner Gold Cloud Platform?

This certification places us as one of the best Microsoft partners thanks to being modernizing the infrastructures of our customers, in addition to migrating applications and data to the cloud in the most efficient and innovative way possible. We are not satisfied with this certification, because we strive to continue growing and improving day by day to offer the best solutions and have the best professionals.

To be eligible for this certification, you must meet competency performance requirements and pass the required exams and knowledge each year. The options are:

  • Azure Consumption: have at least 2 persons certified in the categories Azure Developer Associate, Azure Administrator Associate, Azure Solutions Architect Expert, Azure Data Engineer Associate.
  • Hosting: minimum earnings requirements for developed country customers.
  • Distributor: the same requirements as the Azure Consumption option.
  • Learning: 4 employees must pass the examination of one of the above certifications.

Benefits of being Microsoft Gold Cloud Platform

Having this certification allows us to access a lot of advantages that allow us to offer our clients an even more exclusive service. Here are some examples:

Improved experience:

  • Competence badge
  • Microsoft Co-branded materials
  • Priority listing in the partner directory

Advantages to grow our clients’ businesses:

  • Marketing resources, self-service portfolio of best content and marketing programs
  • Technical Empowerment and Practice Development
  • Technical pre-sale services to accelerate sales and application deployment and development
  • Microsoft Signature Cloud Support
  • Product licensing

Incentives and elements to make a difference:

  • Incentive and Investment Programme
  • Advanced specializations to demonstrate experience and in-depth knowledge in specific solution areas
  • Azure Expert Managed Service Provider Program to help businesses stand out and excel

We drive innovation in your business with our tailor-made services that prioritize cybersecurity and innovation for our customers. Do not hesitate to contact us to receive a personalized session.

Some of our projects have helped companies such as Trasmediterránea to save more than 5 million printed tickets, in addition to ensuring the safety of passengers and crew or to Asisa to migrate more than 100 databases to Azure, maintaining uninterrupted service.

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