Inteligencia Artificial Riesgos Laborales

PREV.IA Project: Prevention of Occupational Risks through Artificial Intelligence

The introduction of Artificial Intelligence in the workplace is a decision that opens up a world of possibilities within a company. This type of technology allows the “humanization” of the capabilities of machines, which have the capacity to understand, analyze and learn autonomously, which translates into automation and process improvement.

The PREVI.IA project aimed to analyze and detect patterns in the prevention of occupational risks and issue notifications whenever the system perceives a risk behavior. All this, applying a layer of artificial intelligence to the transmission of video in real time.

Artificial Intelligence
Plain Concepts proposed, as the main objective of the project, to test whether the use of technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) could constitute an improvement in agility, implementation costs, accuracy and results in the prevention of occupational risks, compared to the use of other technologies already proven for the same objective such as Internet of Things (IoT).


The purpose of PREVI.IA and the interest of testing Artificial Intelligence, was the need to compare this technology with existing solutions, based on Sensors/Iot, which, despite being very precise, have high costs for companies. In other words, what was sought was to replace the sensors with new solutions based on more economical Artificial Intelligence.
The challenge arises from the fact that the applications, benefits and limitations of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have been developed and applied in some areas, although its impact has not been sufficiently studied when it comes to analyzing dynamic images that require precision in the analysis of motion.
industry 4.0


PREVI.IA validates one of the branches of the aforementioned Artificial Intelligence, the Machine Learning, as a machine learning technique based on the extraction of data from images that allow to detect patterns and apply the result in the prevention of occupational risks. The movement of workers was put to the test in areas where it is not possible to set beacons, for example, where there is a movement of land or in the laying of lines. In this case, the use of the helmet and the transit of safe paths in the environment of works and/or dangerous and restricted areas within the scope of construction and industry can be detected.

The proposed solution allows the management of an automatic alert system that notifies in real time situations of danger. In a second phase of the project, risk behavior is predicted before it takes place.



Thanks to the application of solutions based on Artificial Intelligence in less explored environments, such as industry or construction, you can prevent accidents at work, in addition to accessing them for a cheaper price. Using a video camera to control the number of people and locate them in dangerous areas, as well as detecting the mandatory use of protective measures, is a giant leap towards employee safety.