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Customer 360 Profiles for Optimized Decision-Making | Armas Trasmediterránea

“Thanks to Plain Concepts and Sidra Data Platform, we have started our digital transformation journey towards systems and data consolidation, governance, and stewardship, as well as started leveraging and seeing the benefits of advanced customer/business analytics.”Daniel Ramos, CIO & CDO en Naviera Armas Trasmediterranea

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Founded in 1916, Trasmediterránea operated passengers and cargo ferries between mainland Spain, its islands, and northern Africa. From 1921 to 1998, Trasmediterránea had a monopoly on the waters. In 1978, it became a state-owned company, then privatized and merged with Acciona Logistico in 2002. Now owned by Naviera Armas, it remains a leader in this sector. Looking to consolidate and their data and systems, they engaged Plain Concepts to support their company-wide modern data strategy, and specifically help with financial and customer Business Intelligence.


Just like any global company, Trasmediterránea went through mergers & acquisitions, found itself with an overload of data sources and systems, and slow processes due to limited integration and company-wide data consolidation. Their leadership wanted a 360° view of their customers' profiles and the ability to access and analyse customer data in real-time, to understand and optimize business decisions. For this seamless reporting experience, we needed to integrate/merge data from mainframe as well as operational and reporting databases.


Plain Concepts started by deploying its own Sidra Data Platform, a resilient, performant, fully PaaS Azure platform solution with MLOps capabilities, to accelerate the data intake from the different sources, and cleansing. This solution addresses the fundamental data challenges such as governance and stewardship, simplifies data management, and serves as a foundation for future developments and strategy. The data integration process was done in a record time, integrating their Salesforce-based CRM real-time data with the data lake.


Now more than ever, companies need to understand and personalize the services they offer to their customers. At Plain Concepts we help build 360º profiles of customers based on a variety of data sources, depending on the industry - from consumer patterns to demographics, financial reports, social media and more. By creating these profiles, Trasmediterranea was able to accelerate their decision making by having a solid view of their customers in real time.
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