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Asisa: How to migrate over 100 databases with no interruption of service

With more than 7.5M visits per year, almost 19,000 users and 2.3M medical records, Asisa found it very difficult to work in an agile, flexible and secure way with their more than 100 databases (with a size of 3TB) hosted in a physical Data Server.

The lack of agility, scalability and especially the potential security failures threatened the management and confidentiality of more than 2M clinical records. And this risk had to be urgently addressed in view of the increasing flow of data generating by the company’s international expansion process.

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Plain Concepts in full collaboration with Microsoft Spain planned and executed the migration of all Asisa’s databases to Azure. Now Asisa has access to an innovative and optimal environment to manage their resources and investments with agility. They can now bring an important added value to the health sector: data storage with maximum security.


Data migration was an extraordinary challenge due to a large number of factors. We had to work on a critical system that had to be operative 24/7 and was integrated into 14 hospitals and more than 20 clinics, with a migration window of a few hours.

A window that required five months of planning and operational measures, including an intermediate migration to ensure a successful migration process that would not have an impact on the day-to-day operation of the group and its systems.

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Thanks to Plain Concepts development its analytical platform no longer undermines the OLTP system;
its SQL Servers 2007 have been optimized and they can now save over 50 % of their resources.

As a result, Asisa has placed itself in a favorable technological scenario for incorporating new technologies such as VR, AR, Machine Learning, Big Data or Blockchain. Furthermore, patient service has been optimized in all its phases since they now have access to structured information in real-time.

Finally, data homogenization has simplified the management and collaboration among employees, medical centres and hospitals.



After successfully completing all the stages of the migration process, the ASISA Group has shifted from a physical Data Server to an Azure environment, which is a productive and updated scenario with high availability solutions.