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July 27, 2021

Introduction to Azure Migrate

The migration of all types of local infrastructures to Cloud services continues to be a focus of action for many kinds of companies. And despite the great advantages offered by Cloud services, the migration process is certainly challenging.

Being aware of having one of the most outstanding Cloud services on the market, Microsoft has launched Azure Migrate to make it easier for companies to implement their roadmap to the Cloud.

What is Azure Migrate?

Azure Migrate is a hub of services and tools designed to detect, analyze and facilitate the migration of any type of workload to Azure — Microsoft’s Cloud platform.

Through a comprehensive and integrated approach, it offers both the necessary tools and a user guide to perform the migration of critical workloads, allowing you to centrally control the migration process.


One of the great benefits of Azure Migrate is the planning capabilities that it offers through its tool center. You can choose agent-based or agentless methods for the discovery of applications and machines in your environment, and also easily review workload data; from cost estimation to dependency modeling.


After the workloads have been assessed, you can easily perform small or large-scale migrations while performing a detailed analysis of the process. Once the migration is complete, you can review the status of your workloads to ensure they are operational in Azure.

Review the migration status

Azure Migrate provides information about the environment and dependencies. It then tracks every action of the migration process by drawing on all the information generated by the tools used.

  • Visualize the progress from the dashboard, specifically designed to analyze the discovery, assessment, and migration phases.
  • Centralize all the data of specific projects.
  • Create different migration projects according to the business area.
  • Store different server group assessments.

Broadly speaking, this is what Azure Migrate can do to facilitate the analysis and execution of your migrations. If you want to dig deeper, you have at your disposal the following Microsoft guides:

We especially recommend you read the article Keys to migrate to the Cloud with Azure Migrate, in which one of our experts explains, after years of experience in all types of migrations, some elements that you should consider when working with this tool.


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