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Plain Concepts Recognized as Partner of the Year in Artificial Intelligence

Microsoft Inspire 2021 took place on July 14-15. This event recognizes those Microsoft partners that have excelled during the last year, and we can proudly say that this has been Plain Concepts’ moment because we have been awarded in two of the most important categories: Partner of the Year in Artificial Intelligence and Partner of the Year in Social Impact. But that’s not it, our company has also been a finalist for the awards Data and Analytics and Application Modernization.

The Microsoft Partner of the Year awards recognize outstanding partner success stories and innovations in over 100 countries and amongst a wide variety of categories, such as expertise, Cloud and Edge technologies, entrepreneurship, or social impact.

Every year we continue to strive to keep on pushing forward the most innovative projects, supporting our clients through the entire way to stand out and make a difference. This adventure began a while ago in a long journey that has led us to be in the final for Partner of the Year in Spain and the Netherlands, hoping that all our hard work would be recognized. And it seems like it has!

Partner of the Year Categories

Partner of the Year in Artificial Intelligence

This is one of the awards we are most excited about as Plain Concepts has become a global leader in the area of Artificial Intelligence, and being recognized as Partner of the Year in Artificial Intelligence by Microsoft definitely proves it.

On the one hand, we were in charge of the developing a project in which we trained a Machine Learning model to reduce emissions and energy consumption white improving energy efficiency, costs and productivity in the pharmaceutical sector.

Moreover, we also created a system that improves the existing video surveillance devices management processes, increasing its efficiency and optimizing the costs generated by the provisioning, updating and operation of this type of systems. This enabled access to the cameras from both an application and a website, receiving intelligent alarms, controlling people’s movements through AI and real-time footage access.

Partner of the Year in Social Impact

We believe that technology is a key catalyst for social change. We live in a world that does not stand still and loneliness has become one of the biggest problem’s in today’s society, silently and devastatingly affecting the elderly around us.

Therefore, we developed an application that helps bringing together people in need with volunteers who can support them in their day-to-day life. We reinvented the relationship between humans and technology, connecting people through a completely custom platform based on Microsoft Azure.

Partner of the Year Data and Analytics

Being finalists in this category has been possible because a project we developed for Carreras Logistics Group, whose needs laid on digital data transformation and a modern, seamless reporting solution to optimize and enhance business decisions.

For this we used Sidra Data Platform, a resilient, high-performance, fully PaaS Azure platform, to accelerate their data intake from different sources within the company, tackle their governance challenges and simplify data management.

Through data consolidation and data governance, the Carreras Logistics Group board has started to leverage a modern information experience and can now explore their data much quicker and in a way they’ve never seen before.

Partner of the Year Application Modernization

And last but not least, we have also been selected as finalists in the category of Application Modernization, because reinventing ourselves is the best way to keep moving forward.

With the arrival of the pandemic, thousands of sectos have seen their economic activity come to a complete standstill, with no light to illuminate the way forward. Conventions, exhibitions and congresses have been severely hit, but this has been nothing more than a new opportunity for the industry to reinvent itself, to take chances and start leveranging the power of technology, which has always been there to lead them to success.

It is at this stage that we have been in charge of the modernization of our client’s applications, migrating their suit to Azure and .NET Core, which has allowed them to take another step towards an innovative and digital model. Web and mobile applications are part of our daily lives and now they’ve also become the key to open all the doors.

Finally, we would like to congratulate all the Partner of the Year winners who have joined us in this prestigious awards for their outstanding hard work. We are still assimilating the great honor that means to be amongst the entire group of awarded companies. However, this also reinforces our drive and determination to keep improving year after year to develop the best possible projects and achieve the maximum results for our clients. Partner of the Year 2022… We are ready!

Elena Canorea
Elena Canorea
Content & Copywriter

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