The Trilogy: Digital Twins - Construction Edition

Are you and your organization either interested, considering, or maybe already implementing the use of digital twins in your business? If so, this webinar series is for you!


Duration 60 minutes

3 sessions, a total of 3 hours, on 3 sessions, in the 3rd month of the year, with 3 customers in 3 different industries. Quite the Trilogy don’t you think?

  • Construction
  • Smart Buildings
  • Energy

During each session, there will be a deep dive and Q&A about the business drivers, impact, and learnings to help customers in all industries in their journey of embracing the benefits of a digital twin.

Episode 1: Construction Edition

During this session, Dutch construction powerhouse, Heijmans, will deep dive into their digital twin journey and highlight some of their various initiatives as well as the learnings, challenges, and value of transforming their business by using real-time data to provide insights into some of their core business processes.

Kicking-off the session we will invite Microsoft to share their vision and what they see globally happening in the construction industry to provide some added inspiration before diving into Heijmans journey and a Q&A session with both.


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Salla Palos

Director of Transformation Services at Microsoft

As a keynote speaker, innovator and pioneer in the AECO industry, and the creator of the Digital Building Lifecycle (DBL) theory, I identify myself as an industry change agent. My goal is to unify a clear vision around the Digital Building Lifecycle framework: consolidating the physical, digital, and social environments as the digital truth, and empowering people-centric experiences with digital twins.

As my foundation, I have a Master of Science degree in Architecture with 20+ years of practical experience in the academia and in the industry. I have authored and co-authored multiple award-winning publications on emerging technology, innovation, BIM, and digital twins.


Coen Sanderink

Business Development Manager Systems & Energy at Heijmans

Currently I am a business developer at Heijmans, creating and excecuting a strategy for creating new business in the emerging field of digital infrastructure.

I’m passionate about innovative, energetic intiatives, startups and corporates, that have the ambition and potential to make a difference and disrupt markets. My own experience as a company founder allows me to better connect with these initiatives and support them in improving their business model and boost their investment readiness. I also use my connections, and those of my network, to help them find business partners, (launching) customers, investors and talent.

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